Sad but true…Every day, millions of men and women struggle with their diets and sugar cravings. But they don't have to. And here's what you can do...

1. Use these easy-to-cook recipes

2. Eat the food you love

3. Love the way you look

Discover how this food-loving couple lost over 70lbs (and kept it off) by "hacking" their diet...

Most keto and low carb diets fail because of multiple reasons, including having to sacrifice too much on foods you love, having to drastically change your daily routines, and doing all that while having to perform at the highest levels possible at work, school, family and business - day in, day out. 

struggling with your diet?

All this takes a lot of time and an incredible amount of effort. How on earth, can anyone change all that after a busy day at work? And who really wants to make such big sacrifices like starving, skipping meals, giving up food you love, etc. anyway? Just to lose a little of that stubborn belly fat - which after failing or quitting a diet often comes back on your hips (plus some more?).  

Exactly. No one wants that...  

Of course, I don’t know about you, but I personally found myself extremely overwhelmed every time I tried to lose weight... With all that stress it’s been pretty much IMPOSSIBLE for me to lose weight successfully. 

And even if I managed to lose some weight, it was at a horrible cost. It’s been disrupting my hormones, aging my skin, and the constant ups and downs and cravings made me flat out unhappy and angry at times, making it really hard for my family to stand my moodiness...

Then, some time ago I read a fascinating story about a couple named Julie and her boyfriend Jon. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to lose weight, they realized that if you'd want to lose weight successfully you'd need more than just a diet.

You’d need a “weight loss weapon” that is both very powerful and based on a no-sacrifice philosophy in order to stay motivated when the going gets tough. You’d literally need a way to “hack” your diet, and they even wrote a book about it.

Over the years they've surveyed hundreds of people, asking them what their biggest problems were when it comes to losing weight. It didn't take too long to discover, that most people had very similar problems: Struggling to stick to diets, no time to learn all the new things, too stressful to change established routines, and so much more.  

But the #1 problem most people struggled with was on a much deeper level...  

The constant sacrifice-making was causing stress, discomfort, and was flat out making unhappy. And what happens when people are unhappy? Correct, they don't stick to their new diet, and fall back into their old habits. No matter how bad they wanted it, and no matter how good their intentions were. 

The good news is: It's not your fault. 

And the couple actually found a way to "hack" your diet, so keep reading to learn how...

Please note: If you've been struggling to lose weight, then please pay close attention to the article below because you're going to discover that it's NOT your fault, and how the two managed to hack their weight loss, all the way to losing 70 pounds and managing it effortlessly for over 3 years straight (looking and feeling better now than ever…)

So, what is it that the two food-lovers discovered?

Let’s find out…  

Julie is a 38-year-old woman and she struggled with her weight management for as long as she can remember. In order to manage her weight, she tried every diet under the sun but nothing ever worked well. In those diets, she either had to work out 3-4 times per week like an athlete or give up the foods she loved.  

Both were extremely challenging tasks and very hard to implement in her daily life. She simply didn’t want to work out like that, and she certainly didn’t want to give up on all the tasty foods our beautiful world has to offer - just to look good in her jeans...  

“I don’t know about you, my dear reader. But we only get to live once, and I truly believe we should enjoy life - including food. By making all those sacrifices we’d actually miss out on a lot of good and tasty things...”

At one point in time, she got so frustrated that she literally started fasting - or better said, starving. If she had an event coming up in a week she would stop eating right away, just to lose a little weight and flatten her belly so she’d look “better” at the event.  

“It’s crazy when I look back at those days. It was stupid and dangerous and I strongly advise not trying such a weight loss strategy. It can ruin your health and the “lost” weight will be back in no time, plus some more. It’s just not worth it.” 

Starving is not a diet strategy

Sometimes things have to get even worse before they get better...

So after failing at multiple diets, she started to believe that if all those strategies just won’t work as advertised, and maybe she was just meant to be chubby/overweight afterall...

She slowly started to accept it and moved on with her life…Little did she know how wrong she was, but it would take a few more years until she discovers that...  

As she moved on with her life, she decided to pursue another life-long dream she had: To start her own Coffee Shop, selling home-baked cakes, bagels, muffins, cookies and many other delicious things you find in Coffee Shops these days...Her grandmother taught her how to bake when she was a young child, and it seemed as the two had a natural talent for it.

But until then, she never had the guts to really go after her dream actually start her business. She figured that owning and working in a Coffee Shop would just make managing her weight more difficult. But after accepting that non of her diets ever worked for her she decided to go for it and open her Coffee Shop.

At the same time, Jon, who just had moved into town recently, was looking for a coffee shop from where he could work on his new book. That’s when he discovered Julie’s place. Btw., that’s also how the two met…But I promise this won’t turn into a cheesy romance story now - even though it has an happy end...

“When I arrived in the city I tried a couple of places, but it was hers that I liked the most. And the fact that she actually made the best muffins I had ever tasted certainly helped to shape my decision as well. 

I visited her coffee shop almost every day and spend hours and hours working on my book while eating her delicious cupcakes, cookies, and cheesecakes."

"As it turns out you gain weight when you eat like that every day. I mean, it’s not that you wake up one day being 20-30 pounds heavier all of a sudden. It’s a damn slow process that most of us don’t even notice.”

The couple gained weight together, but as romantic as it sounds, it’s not. In fact, most couples gain weight together over the years without really recognizing it. 

One day, one of her regular customers brought a friend into the coffee shop and introduced us to each other.

“This is Jon, the owner's chubby boyfriend!” 

Before hacking our diet

“I’m not kidding. This is exactly how he introduced me to his friend and I was shocked. For the first time in my life, I was speechless. And extremely confused. “Did he really say that?” I asked myself, wondering if that was just a stupid joke.  

....I mean, my mother told me a couple of weeks before that I gained some weight. But calling me “chubby” was a totally different thing…  

Was he right? Was I the “chubby boyfriend”? Was THIS how other people saw me?"

Sometimes in life there comes a certain point that changes everything. An “Aha-Moment” or more radically a “WTF moment”. No matter how you call it - from this moment on there is no going back. Things had to change. And they had to change quickly...

So Julie and Jon started searching for solutions that are both effective and relatively easy. After all, we both had full schedules during the day and we couldn’t afford taking half days off just to go to the gym every day.  

We both knew that we didn’t want to be “counting points and calories”, we didn’t want to go to the gym too often, and we certainly didn’t want to give up on all the food we loved...

Of course, we knew that we had to do some changes. But we didn’t want to change at the cost of decreasing our lifestyle (not too much at least)...  

The perfect solution had to be simple enough so we could integrate it easily. And it had to support our weight loss goals in a healthy way. 

After long hours of research, they'd finally found something that looked like it could work...

  • A diet that would melt away our belly fat without having to go to the gym, 
  • A diet were we didn’t have to starve or make big sacrifices 
  • A diet that could burn more belly fat and body fluid than by running 52 miles a week
  • A diet system that has already been PROVEN by thousands of people
  • and where people reported losing up to 3 pounds in the first week
  • some people (who were very obese) would even lose over 20, 30, 50 and even 100 pounds and more over the course of using the program...

Just to be clear, we had nothing against sports. But we just had no time to go to the gym all the time. Running the Coffee Shop was more than a full-time job. Most days we spent easily 16 hours in the shop: Baking, serving, cleaning, prepping for the next day, etc.

We decided to give this diet a try and go for it for 4-5 weeks and see how it goes…So we created a plan, collected a couple of recipes and gave our best to make it a success.

The results BLEW! us away...

After only 3-4 days Julie’s stomach was flattening, and so did Jon’s. You could literally SEE an immediate result, and what's more, you could even measure a difference in their waistline. 

For Julie the results were even more significant. As a woman she was able to lose a full dress size within the first 10 days!  

The immediate results impressive they were also very comforting. Reducing bloating, that constant feeling that your stomach is full and swollen, was one of the greatest reliefs they say.  

We had literally found a way to “hack” our weight loss...

And the amazing thing, of course, is the speed at how fast the diet worked. They didn’t expect such rapid results after only 14 days…Just imagine how it must feel to drop up to 3 pounds a week and shrink your waistline up to 3 inches in the first week.

In the following weeks, the results were keeping to impress:

  • We lost over 70 pounds in total and we still can’t believe it...
  • Julie had to buy herself a new belt to keep her jeans on...
  • Jon now wears his favorite blue pullover again (which was too tight just 4 weeks before!) 

(This is Julie and Jon before and after using "Hack Your Carbs". How do you like these results!?)

That's just awesome. And the best thing is that I didn’t have to sacrifice too much at all...  

  • I never skipped a meal
  • I didn’t even skip my bread, pizza & co. because our recipes always had some weight loss-friendly versions.
  • My weight has been stable for 2 years now and I even treat myself with normal pizza or cake once in a while. So there are no excuses anymore, and certainly no sacrifices!  

To reward ourselves with this incredible weight loss success, we indulged in a night in a luxurious 5-star hotel, because we had lost so much weight so fast with our diet. We enjoyed the finest restaurant dinner we had in years!

10 more positive side effects & benefits

A diet like this can have various health benefits. In fact, hundreds of individuals turned to this diet to increase or regain their vitality, energy and to lose weight. Some more benefits we see often are:

  • Feeling more powerful and having more energy
  • Sleeping better
  • Waking up more rested
  • Having leaner and stronger muscles
  • Visibly cleaner skin
  • Stronger immune system
  • Less "brain fog" and greater mental clarity
  • No more cravings and hunger
  • Overall feeling better and happier
  • And so much more...

Remember - you don’t have to wait weeks for results. We’ve seen progress pretty much instantly. If done right, you can actually start seeing results in just a few days. It is the most effective fat-burning method I have every tried - and probably like you, I tried a lot…  

And the best thing is, you can keep eating the tasty foods you love. And we strongly believe that that’s actually one of the major reasons why so many people are able to successfully lose weight with it. 

It's hard to put into words what a great feeling it was to be there and to reward oneself. Right now, I’m noticeably more vital, active and relaxed. What a relief!

And best of all: 

We achieved all this WITHOUT taking any “magical” weight loss pills, without dangerous surgeries or expensive supplements, without gut-wrenching workouts, and most importantly - without giving up on the food we love!

A diet like this, even if only used moderately, could easily help you burn stubborn belly fat...

Time to feel good again!

According to friends & family that also tried it, it wouldn’t be unusual if you, too could lose:  

  • 6 inches off waistline
  • 4 inches off stomach
  • 4 inches off buttocks
  • 3 inches off thighs
  • 5 inches off hips
  • reduce bloating, increasing comfort
  • and more...

Introducing: The Simple Hack Your Carbs System

With all that knowledge, methods, and experience we gained, we feel that it's our duty to give back and share what we've learned with as many people as we humanly can. One-by-one, so you too can use this simple “system” to finally and once and for all get rid of the excess weight that's bugging you…

In order to achieve this mission, we’ll need your help. And we’ll need a lot more proof in order to spread the word in big publications where it has the chance to reach millions of people. 

And this is where you can help us. 

Here is what we would like for you to do:  

If you, or any member of your family is overweight - or simply wants (or needs) to lose a little weight - I would like for you to go ahead and order the 3-Part Hack Your Carbs Diet and test it yourself. 

As soon as you download our fantastic program, start applying it and start seeing results, then we’d love to collect your amazing “success story” as well, which will inspire hundreds and hundreds of other men and women to join us on this mission too.  

Note: Of course, you should always check with your doctor before you start a diet. However, we’re so positive about this diet that we’re making a following guarantee:  

If you have not lost up to 3 pounds in the first 10 days and up to 12 pounds in the first month, or, if for any reason your not 100% satisfied - then simply send us a message and we’ll return your entire payment quietly and without question. 

And here’s what you get: 

Hack Your Carbs Cover

Hack Your Carbs eBook (Value $27) This book will be the foundation for your success. Read Julie’s and Jon’s full story and learn the basics of how they’ve done it. You’ll also discover proven strategies to overcome fears and failures during your weight loss journey, which can be crucial for your long-term success.  

In this book you’ll also discover:

  • 6 Most Important Carb Hacking Principles
  • 3 Simple & Supportive Rules to Follow
  • Overcoming the 3 Most Common Problems and Culprits
  • Conquer the 3 Biggest Fears when starting out
  • Diet Plan with your 10 Healthiest Benefits
  • Tips for Weight Loss grocery shopping
  • And more... 

Carb Hacking Recipes Cover

BONUS 1: Cookbook with 50+ delicious recipes for Food Lovers! (Value $27) This cookbook has been a best seller on Amazon for almost 3 years. Now we took it off of Amazon and made it available exclusively to members of this diet program. From now on, you can’t buy this cookbook anywhere else.  

In this cookbook, you’ll get: 

  • Over 50+ healthy and easy to cook recipes
  • Super delicious recipes for your breakfast
  • Healthy recipes for lunch
  • Perfect weight loss dinners for the entire family 
  • Sweet & Savory Snacks
  • Desserts

“You see, when we say “don’t give up on food you love, we mean it!” 

Weight Loss Journal Cover

BONUS 2: Printable Weight Loss Journal (Value $27) Studies show that by writing down and tracking your weight loss progress, you’re far more likely to achieve your goals. Monitoring your results on a regular basis helps you to notice patterns and assess what’s working.  

Print them out at home and track your progress once a week. You’ll see how motivating this is when you have proof of your progress.

Other benefits of using a weight loss journal are:

  • Visual feedback of your consistency over time
  • Accountability to stick to your goals
  • Increased motivation when you see the improvement in your results
  • A history of your progress to look back on when you’re slim and healthy  

A commonly missed benefit of using a weight loss journal is it can make losing weight fun. And when you enjoy the journey, you’re much more likely to be consistent and not give up.  

This looks delicious, doesn't it!? Good news, with "Hack Your Carbs" you can eat all this and more!

Overall, we could easily sell these items individually for $27 each, and we asked our advisors for their advice. They told us to charge at least $97 (recommended retail price) for the complete package because it is so valuable plus a fee to support the mission, but we couldn’t look into the mirror if we’d charge that much...

That’s why we decided to do the following...  

As you now know, we’re 100% committed to our mission to help as many men and women to lose weight as we possibly can, that we won’t focus too much on profits. We’ll leave that part to our advisors or the big corporations.

All we ask is for a small amount to help us cover the costs of our website maintenance and distribution costs.

So if you say YES to the Hack Your Carbs Diet today, you’re also saying yes to YOUR soon-to-be-true weight loss success. You’re saying yes to getting rid of stubborn belly fat and keeping it off for good! 

After making this product available to over 13,826 men and women all over the world we’ve found that the best price point, the so-called sweet spot, is a simple and incredibly low one-time payment of only $37. This helps us cover all our costs and enables us to work on our mission. Plus, at only $37 it can be made available to anyone. Not only for the rich and famous.  

I’m sure you know this is an awesome offer and an incredible deal, and I want you to start immediately. Don’t put this off for later, because we don’t know how long we’ll be able to sustain this low price point.

With a simple one-time payment of $37 you’ll be getting a diet that can help you to lose weight like we did, a recipe book with over 50+ mouth-watering recipes and a printable weight loss journal to track your progress. Plus you’ll be supporting our important mission as well to help millions of other people to lose weight as well. 

And as I said before, if the diet doesn’t work for you, or you’re not 100% satisfied, or you simply don’t want to support the mission, we’ll return your entire payment, no questions asked.

If you ever struggled with:

  • Stubborn belly fat that will NOT go away, no matter what you’ve tried
  • Uncomfortable bloating (Reducing this alone will improve your well-being)
  • Gaining fat on undesirable places (“man boobs” in men, belly fat in ladies.)
  • Turbulent energy swings
  • Constant cravings (aka insulin rollercoaster)
  • Moody and irritable when hungry ( aka getting “Hangry”)
  • Digestive issues (IBS, gas, stomach discomfort, etc.)
  • And more...

Then this is the right time to take action, and to take back control of your life, health and weight. I encourage you to make this important decision today and empower yourself with a simple, easy-to-follow, and proven way to probably lose weight faster than ever before.

And here's how you can get full access to it:

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You're now only 3-5 minutes away from learning how to "hack" your diet. So go ahead and order your own Hack Your Carbs Diet right now and see what it can do for you. We're looking forward to seeing you on the other side.

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Treat yourself nicely with this, and don't be so hard on yourself when losing weight. It can be a tought journey, but our unique Hack Your Carbs diet can be a tremendous help along the way.

So, my suggestion is to buy the product risk-free, right now, and see what it can do for you. We're excited to moving forward with you, and look forward to seeing your first successes!


Julie and Jon Author of The "Hack Your Carbs" Diet. 


If you're not happy with "Hack Your Carbs", for ANY reasons at all, simply send us a message, and we’ll return your entire payment, no questions asked.

Actually, why don't you try it out right now first, read the entire Hack Your Carbs guide, and try some of our recipes...and start transforming your body into the body you want to see in the mirror....

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